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Windows and Doors

Timber provides the perfect material for creating high performance windows due to its inherent insulating properties and longevity.

We provide windows and doors designed to complement the visual appearance of your home from the most contemporary building to the traditional classic look, with an emphasis placed on maximising the glass area to provide the most natural light. All products are glazed as standard with double-glazed units which incorporate an enhanced thermally insulating glass, to provide an extremely low U-value to give energy efficient solution for your home. Whatever the design you can be confident that our windows will provide you with uncompromised performance as they benefit from some of the lowest window U-Values offered in the UK.

Whether you just want to change one window which doesn't go with your newly refurbished bathroom or you would like to enchant your home with new doors to every room, we can help you through the process from planning to fitting. We import our high specification wooden windows & doors from manufacturers based in Europe. From manufacturers with years of experience, advanced technology and rigorous quality control. Our chosen manufacturers mean that our customers will enjoy using these windows and doors year after year.

All of our windows & doors are made to measure and individually designed to the Client's requirements to suit the type and style of their property. As a natural product, they bring warmth, good looks and added value to any property.

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